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Water Softener System

As per Customer Requirement

Hard Water isn’t actually harmful for human but it certainly does cause problems in long time. You can overcome the problems of hard water with our new water softener system in your restaurant Hotel & cafeteria. The softener will eliminate Ca + Mg hardness and will make your valuable basin sink bathroom ratting’s, pips, costly flooring and utensils scale free and make your cloudy – Spotty Glassware and dishes crystal clear.

Our Water Softener is used to break hard water molecules know as hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Your hotel customers will feel great while outing as the soft water will eliminate problems like limp hair, rough-dry skin, soap scum in your tub or shower Water softener will reduce concentration of minerals that lead to hard water all you have to do is attach a water softener unit to your water supply to solve your hard water problems.