Goodwill Creation Pvt. Ltd. is at the forefront of innovation in water treatment with updated technologies. We are an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and have grown to be a strong organization with millions of satisfied customers. Our Stainless Steel Water Storage Tanks stand apart with innovative technologies and are reliable & low maintenance. Let us join hands to bring Pure & Clean Water in your lives and help the planet stay healthy.

  • Height includes stand, which is about 1.5 ‘ (18“)
  • Ground clearance would be around 8 To 9 “ from center of the bottom dish
  • All capacity of tanks will be fitted with two inlets and two outlets
  • Inlet/outlet Sizes are ¾ “, 1, “ 1 ½ “ and 2 “
  • Inch depend on tank storage capacity
  • Inlet/outlet Size And Height of the Stand Can Also Be customized according to customer need
AG66 - AG70

Stainless Steel (304) Water Storage Tanks

₹10,000 onwards (+ GST)